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Why I started this blog?

I was born in New Orleans, transplanted and grew up in a suburb of Detroit, and then relocated to San Diego where I attended the University of California. After many years in San Diego I returned to Covington, Louisiana just north of New Orleans and have lived here ever since.

I’ve always been passionate about cooking, gourmet food and now my journey into a Whole Food Plant Based Diet has taken me and my cooking to a whole new place.  My secret desire has been to write a thriller novel for a long time.  I have started many times over the years, but inevitably was forced to stop every time because earning a living always seem to get in the way. So that labor of love is still on my ‘bucket list’.  

I became an entrepreneur when I was young, and apparently I still am one because here I am creating and embarking on a new and exciting adventure into the world of blogging. The difference this time is I have nothing to stop me (I retired myself by choice some time ago), and I’m excited to write about two of my other passions — gourmet food and cooking.

I have owned several businesses including an interior design firm and a real estate brokerage. I have also been a financial consultant and involved in marketing and sales most of my life.  I was retired, but somehow the entrepreneur in me just won’t stay retired.  

What can I say — I like to work and I love a challenge!

I pride myself in being a lifelong learner and as such I’m no stranger to research. In fact, many of my friends contact me when they need to know or learn about something because they know if I don’t know what they’re asking about first hand, I will thoroughly research it and provide them with the most reliable information.

Any day I don’t learn something new is “A Day Without Sunshine” for me.

After many requests for information and recipes since I began my new Whole Food Plant Based Diet, including from my doctors, and after being told I really need to share my knowledge and expertise, it became apparent that starting a blog was the answer.

I’m very passionate about the Whole Food Plant Based Diet Revolution because it has already proven to substantially improve my health and I have the test results to prove it.  I can also say my  new multifaceted mission has already improved my well-being too.

My expedition into the land of optimum health began about 2 years ago when after an angiogram three 50% artery blockages were found I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. A 50% blockage is less than the standard 70% threshold cardiologists use to determine whether stents are needed, so nothing was done at that time. The cardiologist I was seeing at the time offered me nothing but statin drugs and told me to quit smoking. I remember the incident like it was yesterday because when I told him I didn’t want to take drugs and I intended to change my diet and lifestyle first before considering drugs, he threw his hands up in the air and indignantly said, “Well, good luck with that!”


I'm going to cut to the chase to not bore you .... For whatever reason I made the dire mistake and wasted 18 precious months by not immediately doing what I knew I should, i.e. CHANGE MY DIET and LIFESTYLE. Fast forward 18 months ... I began having chest pains... A wake up call for sure.  That was six months ago and here I am today after another angiogram and two stents later but ... NOW ... DEADLY SERIOUS ABOUT MY DIET AND LIFESTYLE. My mission now is to completely reverse my heart disease and to do my best to let everyone know ... there's no time to waste.

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