What you Won't Find Here!

AND Who I hope you are.

NO ANNOYING POPUPS & ADS everywhere. Yep you read that right .... NO POPUPS OR ADS!  I hate them both and I would never subject anyone to that kind of annoyance. I intend to strive to make your experience on Plant Food Gourmet relaxing,pleasurable, and enjoyable not frustrating and aggravating. I'm not here selling anything. I'm here to provide quality reliable information and fantastic recipes. That's it!

I will be affiliating with several different companies including Amazon because let’s face it blog’s aren’t free in spite of what many people think. Hopefully, any commissions earned will help defray the costs involved in maintaining the site. I will also eventually be publishing a series of small inexpensive cookbooks you’ll be able to download. Each will be devoted to and contain specific recipes related to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.
If you subscribe to receive notification of new posts and recipes, TRUST ME ... your address is guaranteed safe with me and will never be sold or used for spam...EVER!

Insofar as who you are — I'd like to think you’re an astute, busy person who is health conscious and either already a vegan or plant based dieter or you’re considering becoming one of us and you're eager to learn. You like to stay informed and are looking for reliable, trustworthy, science backed information to help and guide you in your quest to optimum health, well-being, and to live a long happy life. You know how to cook and don't need step by step recipes, you just want delicious recipes that are easy and quick to prepare with minimal ingredients and succinct instructions.

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