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May 16, 2020

I’m delighted you’re here and interested in joining me and thousands of other in the quest for Optimum Health, Well-being, and Longevity.

No matter whether this is your first step toward adopting a Plant Based Diet or you're already eating plant based  CONGRATULATIONS ... You’ve just made the wisest and most important decision ... a decision that can and will absolutely change your life.


Plant Food Gourmet will be the one place you can count on to provide reliable science backed diet, health, longevity, and nutritional information .... Plus fabulous gourmet plant based recipes guaranteed  to delight anyone!
This is my first post and I believe it's important you know:


        ● Where I am?  

        ● Who I am?
        ● Why I started this Blog    
        ● What the focus of my posts will be
        ● What you will and won’t find here

        ● Who (I’d like to think) You Are
        ● How you can join me and contribute to the Plant Based Food Revolution


This is a long and very detailed article because I tell you everything you need to know to decide whether you like my site approach and whether want to follow me or join my community.  YOU CAN READ IT ALL RIGHT HERE or if you don't have the time or the inclination to read the entire article, just click  below to read any section that may interest you.

 Who, Where & Why? 

 Article Focus         

 About Recipes (the longest section)

 What you won't find here




I was born in New Orleans, transplanted and grew up in a suburb of Detroit, and then relocated to San Diego where I attended the University of California. After many years in San Diego I returned to Covington, Louisiana just north of New Orleans and have lived here ever since.

I’ve always been passionate about cooking, gourmet food and now my journey into a Whole Food Plant Based Diet has taken me and my cooking to a whole new place.  My secret desire has been to write a thriller novel for a long time.  I have started many times over the years, but inevitably was forced to stop every time because earning a living always seem to get in the way. So that labor of love is still on my ‘bucket list’.  

I became an entrepreneur when I was young, and apparently I still am one because here I am creating and embarking on a new and exciting adventure into the world of blogging. The difference this time is I have nothing to stop me (I retired myself by choice some time ago), and I’m excited to write about two of my other passions — gourmet food and cooking.

I have owned several businesses including an interior design firm and a real estate brokerage. I have also been a financial consultant and involved in marketing and sales most of my life.  I was retired, but somehow the entrepreneur in me just won’t stay retired.  

What can I say — I like to work and I love a challenge!

I pride myself in being a lifelong learner and as such I’m no stranger to research. In fact, many of my friends contact me when they need to know or learn about something because they know if I don’t know what they’re asking about first hand, I will thoroughly research it and provide them with the most reliable information.

Any day I don’t learn something new is “A Day Without Sunshine” for me.

After many requests for information and recipes since I began my new Whole Food Plant Based Diet, including from my doctors, and after being told I really need to share my knowledge and expertise, it became apparent that starting a blog was the answer.

I’m very passionate about the Whole Food Plant Based Diet Revolution because it has already proven to substantially improve my health and I have the test results to prove it.  I can also say my  new multifaceted mission has already improved my well-being too.

My expedition into the land of optimum health began about 2 years ago when after an angiogram three 50% artery blockages were found I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. A 50% blockage is less than the standard 70% threshold cardiologists use to determine whether stents are needed, so nothing was done at that time. The cardiologist I was seeing at the time offered me nothing but statin drugs and told me to quit smoking. I remember the incident like it was yesterday because when I told him I didn’t want to take drugs and I intended to change my diet and lifestyle first before considering drugs, he threw his hands up in the air and indignantly said, “Well, good luck with that!”


I'm going to cut to the chase to not bore you .... For whatever reason I made the dire mistake and wasted 18 precious months by not immediately doing what I knew I should, i.e. CHANGE MY DIET and LIFESTYLE. Fast forward 18 months ... I began having chest pains... A wake up call for sure.  That was six months ago and here I am today after another angiogram and two stents later but ... NOW ... DEADLY SERIOUS ABOUT MY DIET AND LIFESTYLE. My mission now is to completely reverse my heart disease and to do my best to let everyone know ... there's no time to waste.


I have spent untold hours reading and researching everything possible to keep from having a heart attack or even dying. I now have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I have been urged to share along with my gourmet recipes by friends and doctors alike. So that's just what I'll be doing ... SHARING.  Initially I intend to focus my articles on the benefits of diet and nutrition as it relates to health and what the science behind it is saying about how we can, in fact reduce our risk for many diseases, and in many cases stop the progression of diseases and sometimes even reverse those diseases simply by changing our diet and lifestyle.  Most information will be based on the benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet and recipes, diet, and nutrition because there is definitive PROOF IT WORKS! My articles will provide you with links to the actual science to substantiate any position I take, so you’ll feel comfortable that I’m not just spouting a lot of nonsense.  I will also be delving into nutrition of plant based foods so you’ll be able to choose wisely what’s best for you and your family.

While I won’t be providing the science in exact detail, the sources I link you to are, in my opinion, the best and most reputable in their field with all the credentials you’ll need to feel comfortable furthering your education should you choose to.                

I went from growing up on meat and potatoes and began cooking at age 12 when my mother contracted sun poisoning and couldn’t lift her arms for a while. During that time I had to do everything including the cooking.  She sat with me in the kitchen and instructed me step by step and there’s no doubt that’s when I fell in love with cooking.  She was instrumental in giving me all the basics I needed back then, but fast forward and after traveling the world and dining in the finest restaurants from New York to London to Paris to Hong Kong to Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, and many other places as well, plus thanks to the remarkable Julia Child I became the gourmet I still am today albeit totally plant based now.

Taste used to be my first and only priority, but combining textures and presentation became equally as important over time. Feasting with my eyes first, then letting my taste buds follow has been my approach to cooking for a long time. That will never change. My recipes will give your eyes the requisite feast to prime your taste buds because that truly makes the difference between gourmet recipes and just plain ones.

I have a collection of over 500 cookbooks that I have amassed from my world travels, consequently I have read a lot of recipes. Since my endeavor into Plant Based cooking I have been Googling because my library is sorely lacking in anything specifically plant based.  I’m sorry to say, what I have found, at least for me, leaves a lot to be desired.

In my opinion, the recipes contain far too many unnecessary ingredients with description links in each ingredient that make me crazy, and the instructions contain way too much fluff. When I read a recipe I want it to be simple and straightforward.  Who has time to read personal choices and opinions inside a recipe — Not me!

I also don’t want to have to read an entire blog article and endure a zillion ads just to get to the recipe. At least now many sites have begun to put a ‘Jump to Recipe’ button at the beginning and that does help, but I believe articles are one thing, recipes are another, so here you’ll find recipes in recipes ... articles in articles.  For your convenience, there may be a link to a recipe when it’s an integral part of an article so you can jump right to it.  All recipes will be organized by cuisine, meal type and ingredient and you’ll be able to search and find specifically what you’re looking for to quickly and easily whip up something from what you have on hand.

Let’s talk about actual recipes.  I recently have been inspired by many new great vegetarian and vegan cooks. None are as famous as Julia Child  or Faye Levy at least not in gourmet circles yet, but they all have contributed immensely to my new wealth of knowledge and made it possible for me to succeed and learn new way of cooking.  Miyoko Schinner  also played a huge part in the beginning when I refused to give up cheese and other dairy products. She literally saved me from throwing in the towel. I can honestly say I’m living proof you can learn and change your cooking and eating habits and once you get the hang of it you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

The majority of my recipes have been inspired and created based on my years of gourmet cooking and my experience with both vintage and contemporary recipes. Many recipes will be based on tried and tested vintage recipes that I have converted to plant based and when appropriate credit will be give to the original source.

All my recipes will contain the fewest ingredients necessary to save you time and money.  I plan to strive for 10 -15 ingredients or less.  I will post an article about the well stocked plant based pantry and other necessary ingredients that will be used regularly with links to those recipes and I'll assume you have most of those ingredients already on hand.  There will be some recipes that require more ingredients and time, like baked goods and sophisticated gourmet recipes, but for the most part my gourmet recipes will take approximately 30-60 minutes (excluding cooking time) or less to prepare.  Some recipes will take longer due to cooking times, fermentation and resting times but, each recipe will give you an estimated preparation time to guide you.

The recipes themselves will be written as succinctly as possible to save you time. Therefore, they won't contain the typical step by step procedural information and a zillion pictures that seems to be popular these days.  My recipes will assume that you have experience cooking and just want the recipe so you can get started cooking. All recipes will be in PDF format without any ads which you can read online or download for printing and later use. Most recipes will be on 1 or 2 pages at most with space for you to punch holes and put in a binder for future reference.  There will also be basic estimated nutrition information at the bottom of each recipe. So, if you need more detailed nutrition information ... I recommend you use USDA - Food Data Central


My recipe moto: Easy...Tempting...Delicious!

Another thing that irritates me to no end is the majority of vegetarian and vegan savory plant based recipes I’ve read contain some kind of sweetener.  Who ever heard of sugar or sweetener in a savory recipe?  Obviously there are exceptions, but by in large, savory recipes do not need sweeteners.  To me sweet spells dessert — not lunch or dinner. Need I mention how bad we all know sugar is for us?

Also, why are there so many ingredients that don’t remotely contribute to taste?  If anyone has the answer, “I’m all ears.”


My last recipe irritation is ... Why are so many vegan recipe instructions so long-winded and tedious? I don't know about you but when I read a recipe, I want instructions that tell me what to do in as few words as possible. Anything else is a waste of my time, so I'll be providing you with simple, concise instructions that anyone should be able to follow.

If you’re a brand new cook and you find any instructions or standard culinary terms unfamiliar I’m quite sure you’re capable of either Googling it or checking YouTube where I'm sure you’ll find numerous explanations and ways to do what any recipe may call for.

Since I ventured into plant based cooking I have learned many new cooking techniques and how to convert practically any recipe to plant based and I’ll be sharing that how to with you.



NO ANNOYING POPUPS & ADS everywhere. Yep you read that right. NO POPUPS or ADS!  I hate them both and I would never subject anyone to that kind of annoyance. I intend to strive to make your experience on Plant Food Gourmet relaxing, pleasurable and enjoyable not frustrating and aggravating. I'm not here selling anything. I'm here to provide quality reliable healthy nutritional information and fantastic recipes. That's it!

I will be affiliating with several different companies including Amazon because let’s face it blog’s aren’t free in spite of what many people think. Hopefully, any commissions earned will help defray the costs involved in maintaining the site. I will also eventually be publishing a series of small inexpensive cookbooks you’ll be able to download. Each will be devoted to and contain specific recipes related to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.
If you subscribe to receive notification of new posts and recipes, TRUST ME ... your address is guaranteed safe with me and will never be sold or used for spam...EVER!

Insofar as who you are — I'd like to think you’re an astute, busy person who is health conscious and either already a vegan or plant based dieter or you’re considering becoming one of us and you're eager to learn. You like to stay informed and are looking for reliable, trustworthy, science backed information to help and guide you in your quest to optimum health, well-being, and to live a long happy life. You know how to cook and don't need step by step recipes, you just want delicious recipes that are easy and quick to prepare with minimal ingredients and succinct instructions.

You can contribute by reaching out to me at any time with suggestions, requests for information and by posting comments, your experiences and thoughts (all hopefully good) so that others may learn from you as well.

Sharing and Liking Plant Food Gourmet anywhere and everywhere in your web travels and with your friends will help get the site off the ground and to grow.  Without your help I won't be able to accomplish my objective, so please SHARE A LOT. I will graciously appreciate your help and you will be helping us all.  SHARING is the lifeblood of any blog and social media links will be on every page at the bottom.

If you like my approach and would like to be notified of new posts and recipes and to become part of my new community —
Please Subscribe Below.

I’m here to help and support you, and provide you with quality health, nutrition, and longevity information you can rely on and gourmet recipes that have been tested and are guaranteed to please.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in striving for and achieving Optimum Health, Well-Being, and Life ...  through Gourmet Plant Based Food ......... Just like me!

              To Life!


P.S. Your thoughts,ideas, and comments are always welcome. Please let me know your particular areas of interest.

Email:, use this contact form ot post your comment below.

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