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I have spent untold hours reading and researching everything possible to keep from having a heart attack or even dying. I now have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I have been urged to share along with my gourmet recipes by friends and doctors alike. So that's just what I'll be doing ... SHARING. 


Initially I intend to focus my articles on the benefits of diet and nutrition as it relates to health and what the science behind it is saying about how we can, in fact reduce our risk for many diseases, and in many cases stop the progression of diseases and sometimes even reverse those diseases simply by changing our diet and lifestyle.  Most information will be based on the benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet and recipes, diet, and nutrition because there is definitive PROOF IT WORKS! My articles will provide you with links to the actual science to substantiate any position I take, so you’ll feel comfortable that I’m not just spouting a lot of nonsense.  I will also be delving into nutrition of plant based foods so you’ll be able to choose wisely what’s best for you and your family.

While I won’t be providing the science in exact detail, the sources I link you to are, in my opinion, the best and most reputable in their field with all the credentials you’ll need to feel comfortable furthering your education should you choose to.                

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