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I went from growing up on meat and potatoes and began cooking at age 12 when my mother contracted sun poisoning and couldn’t lift her arms for a while. During that time I had to do everything including the cooking.  She sat with me in the kitchen and instructed me step by step and there’s no doubt that’s when I fell in love with cooking.  She was instrumental in giving me all the basics I needed back then, but fast forward and after traveling the world and dining in the finest restaurants from New York to London to Paris to Hong Kong to Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, and many other places as well, plus thanks to the remarkable Julia Child I became the gourmet I still am today albeit totally plant based now.

Taste used to be my first and only priority, but combining textures and presentation became equally as important over time. Feasting with my eyes first, then letting my taste buds follow has been my approach to cooking for a long time. That will never change. My recipes will give your eyes the requisite feast to prime your taste buds because that truly makes the difference between gourmet recipes and just plain ones.

I have a collection of over 500 cookbooks that I have amassed from my world travels, consequently I have read a lot of recipes. Since my endeavor into Plant Based cooking I have been Googling because my library is sorely lacking in anything specifically plant based.  I’m sorry to say, what I have found, at least for me, leaves a lot to be desired.

In my opinion, the recipes contain far too many unnecessary ingredients with description links in each ingredient that make me crazy, and the instructions contain way too much fluff. When I read a recipe I want it to be simple and straightforward.  Who has time to read personal choices and opinions inside a recipe — Not me!

I also don’t want to have to read an entire blog article and endure a zillion ads just to get to the recipe. At least now many sites have begun to put a ‘Jump to Recipe’ button at the beginning and that does help, but I believe articles are one thing, recipes are another, so here you’ll find recipes in recipes ... articles in articles.  For your convenience, there may be a link to a recipe when it’s an integral part of an article so you can jump right to it.  All recipes will be organized by cuisine, meal type and ingredient and you’ll be able to search and find specifically what you’re looking for to quickly and easily whip up something from what you have on hand.

Let’s talk about actual recipes.  I recently have been inspired by many new great vegetarian and vegan cooks. None are as famous as Julia Child  or Faye Levy at least not in gourmet circles yet, but they all have contributed immensely to my new wealth of knowledge and made it possible for me to succeed and learn new way of cooking.  Miyoko Schinner  also played a huge part in the beginning when I refused to give up cheese and other dairy products. She literally saved me from throwing in the towel. I can honestly say I’m living proof you can learn and change your cooking and eating habits and once you get the hang of it you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

The majority of my recipes have been inspired and created based on my years of gourmet cooking and my experience with both vintage and contemporary recipes. Many recipes will be based on tried and tested vintage recipes that I have converted to plant based and when appropriate credit will be give to the original source.

All my recipes will contain the fewest ingredients necessary to save you time and money.  I plan to strive for 10 -15 ingredients or less.  I will post an article about the well stocked plant based pantry and other necessary ingredients that will be used regularly with links to those recipes and I'll assume you have most of those ingredients already on hand.  There will be some recipes that require more ingredients and time, like baked goods and sophisticated gourmet recipes, but for the most part my gourmet recipes will take approximately 30-60 minutes (excluding cooking time) or less to prepare.  Some recipes will take longer due to longer cooking times, fermentation and resting times but, each recipe will give you an estimated actual preparation time not including cooking time, fermentation, or resting times to guide you.

The recipes themselves will be written as succinctly as possible to save you time. Therefore, they won't contain the typical step by step procedural information and a zillion pictures that seems to be popular these days.  My recipes will assume that you have experience cooking and just want the recipe so you can get started cooking. All recipes will be in PDF format without any ads which you can read online or download for printing and later use. Most recipes will be on 1 or 2 pages at most with space for you to punch holes and put in a binder for future reference.  There will also be basic estimated nutrition information at the bottom of each recipe. So, if you need more detailed nutrition information ... I recommend you use USDA - Food Data Central


                                                                  My recipe moto: Easy...Tempting...Delicious!

Another thing that irritates me to no end is the majority of vegetarian and vegan savory plant based recipes I’ve read contain some kind of sweetener.  Who ever heard of sugar or sweetener in a savory recipe?  Obviously there are exceptions, but by in large, savory recipes do not need sweeteners.  To me sweet spells dessert — not lunch or dinner. Need I mention how bad we all know sugar is for us?

Also, why are there so many ingredients that don’t remotely contribute to taste?  If anyone has the answer, “I’m all ears.”


My last recipe irritation is ... Why are so many vegan recipe instructions so long-winded and tedious? I don't know about you but when I read a recipe, I want instructions that tell me what to do in as few words as possible. Anything else is a waste of my time, so I'll be providing you with simple, concise instructions that anyone should be able to follow.

If you’re a brand new cook and you find any instructions or standard culinary terms unfamiliar I’m quite sure you’re capable of either Googling it or checking YouTube where I'm sure you’ll find numerous explanations and ways to do what any recipe may call for.

Since I ventured into plant based cooking I have learned many new cooking techniques and how to convert practically any recipe to plant based and I’ll be sharing that how to with you as well.

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