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I'm Maureen. I'd like to welcome you to Plant Food Gourmet where you'll find a wealth of well researched up to date health information you can trust, and fabulous gourmet plant food recipes to suit every taste, budget, individual or family. No matter your age or what diet you choose, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Mediterranean, DASH, etc., you'll find great recipes here.


After being diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease and High Cholesterol 6 months ago I began an adventure into becoming a Plant Based Gourmet. As a lifelong learner and no stranger to research, I studied and read everything I could about Heart Disease and what my options were. The more I learned about a Whole Plant Based Food Diet, the more I became convinced, like Bill Clinton and many others, that heart disease cannot only be stopped dead in it's tracks, it has been scientifically proven it can be completely reversed by adopting a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  Once I accepted the proof I found, I decided, "If I want to live much longer, I don't have a choice .... I must do this and do it NOW ... Just do it ... and I DID!

I immediately changed my entire diet and lifestyle and embarked on a strict Whole Food Plant Based Diet. The first step was to lower my Cholesterol, and then proceed to hopefully reversing my heart disease.

After 4 months my total cholesterol was down from 309 to 152 simply by changing my cooking and eating habits, and ALL without Statin or any other drugs to the utter shock and amazement of my doctors.  This was truly all the proof I needed ... a Whole Food Plant Based Diet WORKS!

As difficult and challenging as it has been for a gourmet cook like me to learn everything I knew about cooking all over again and adapt was no small task. I basically started from scratch which caused me a great deal of frustration which I endured daily for the first month or so, but I'm proud to say I not only survived the ordeal, I now call myself a full fledged successful Plant Food Gourmet and, I couldn't be happier.


Many of you may not care to be as strict as I have been, but trust me -- Even small changes you make can and will yield huge results.

I welcome you to join me and the thousands and thousands of others in learning, eating and cooking their way to optimum health, well-being & a much longer happier life.

                                                               To Life!

P.S. Check out my first post for everything you need to know about this blog.

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